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Property Manager Monica Lee White Breaks Down How She Made $136K On Airbnb In 2022

A property manager is putting people on game of how to stack money with Airbnb.

Ngozi Nwanji

Aug 25, 2023

20-Year-Old Inayah McMillan Explains How She Earned $375K In Revenue In 2022 As An Airbnb Host

If you have ever planned a group trip, you know the hassle of ensuring everyone in the group chat is on board. If the trip idea leaves the group chat, then flights and lodging must be confirmed. Regardless of airline preferences, housing options typically boil down to traditional hotels or short-term housing rentals. And when it comes to big groups, renting a house has become the go-to for most vacations. One of the most popular short-term housing rental organizations is Airbnb. Outside of providing an alternative to hotel stays, the company has also become a source of investment and revenue for entrepreneurs. Twenty-year-old Inayah McMillan has fully tapped in, raking in over six figures in revenue in 2022 as an Airbnb host.

Josh Rodgers

May 1, 2023