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TRACED Act: A Bipartisan Effort Designed to Attack Robocaller Culture

A recent Senate vote may bring relief to billions. The TRACED Act, designed to attack the Robocaller culture , has moved a step closer to being approved. Having already obtained approvals in the senate, its next and final destination is the President’s review. Formally known as the Pallone-Thune Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence act, named after the robocall prevention efforts of Democratic and Republican senators Frank Pallone and John Thune, TRACED is truly a bipartisan effort . Given today’s volatile political climate, it represents a step forward for bilateral collaboration. The TRACED Act shifts the responsibility of handling nuisance calls from recipients to carriers. It requires carriers to find effective ways of blocking robocalls , and it prevents them from offloading call-block charges onto customers. It also increases the scope of authority that the FCC has over carriers, and levies steeper fines on those who violate established communication...

Dec 20, 2019