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An Australian Man Won A Lawsuit After Being Fired For Refusing To Provide Fingerprints

In February 2018, Jeremy Lee — an Australian man — was fired from his job after he refused to use the company’s new fingerprint scanners to sign in and out of work. Now, Lee has won a groundbreaking appeal against his former employer, Superior Wood Pty Ltd. Lee filed a suit with Australia’s Fair Work Commission, alleging that he had been unfairly fired. According to Business Insider , the commissioner who originally reviewed the case sided with Superior Wood: “Lee filed a suit with Australia’s Fair Work Commission in March 2018, claiming he was unfairly dismissed from the company. The commissioner reviewing the case in June ruled in favor of Superior Wood, concluding that the fingerprinting policy was reasonable and therefore employees were obliged to comply.” However, Lee decided to appeal the decision. His claim centered around appealing to privacy laws, by stating nobody could force him to give up his biometric data. According to the court document : “At the heart of the matter...

May 22, 2019