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First-Ever Black-Owned Stock Exchange to Launch in the Market's 230-Year History

Black Americans lack access to a number of resources needed to build generational wealth. While racial disparities persist in order to widen that divide, Joe Cecala-founded The Dream Exchange and partnered with Cadiz Capital Holding LLC to create the first-ever Black-owned stock exchange in the 230-year history of the U.S. market. According to Market Watch , Cadiz chairman William “Bill” Ellison is the majority owner in Dream, a newly formed free capital platform that brings business owners and investors together. The aim is to expand the general public’s access to the middle market. By listing emerging companies with great potential, Dream will make space for investments in small, diverse businesses at an early stage. “For years my team and I have looked for a way to help mid-size businesses to participate more extensively in the US economy, we feel the Dream Exchange is that way,” Ellison said in a statement. During the current health pandemic, the Dream Exchange has also educated...

Jul 23, 2020