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AI App Allows Users To Text 'Historical Figures' That Range From The Notorious B.I.G To Hitler

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to talk to any late public figures, the opportunity appears to have presented itself.

Jan 27, 2023

How An NYC Street Sound Became The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Known As 'Hip-Hop'

In the 1970s, Hip-Hop was a safe haven for kids coming up in New York City and its boroughs — which were a much different place than they are today. Today, Hip-Hop music is a global music sound heard in nearly every corner of the world, and a pop culture phenomenon that has influenced everything from the way we talk and dress to the way we interact with each other on social media. Black and LatinX kids in New York City had a golden opportunity to create something out of the ashes of economic devastation. The “white flight” from the cities to the suburbs left rows and rows of abandoned buildings, which allowed for “street kids” to host parties with their portable “Sound Systems” in what would become thriving clubs. When the sounds of the Caribbean, Africa, and soul combined to get the party started, Hip-Hop — as it would eventually become known — was born. Today, it’s a multi- billion dollar industry that provides a better way of life for countless men and women that wouldn’t have...

Twitter Imagines Tupac As An Animated Character Thanks To An App And Of Course It Goes Viral

Black creativity wins again! When it comes to the Internet, we are always sure to start or take a trend to the next level and this time it’s the late Tupac, who’s been the topic of conversation across social media. Just two days after the world honored what would’ve been the Hip-Hop legend’s 50th birthday, an animated version of the “How Do You Want It” emcee made its way around the web. On Friday (June 18), a clip of a scene between the late rapper and Omar Epps surfaced — except Tupac had been turned into a cartoon. A Twitter user captioned the post, “They said if Juice was made by Pixar.” They said if Juice was made by Pixar y’all relax ??? — Highkage DarkMagiXian (@TallDarkNAnson) June 18, 2021 As you can see, it was accompanied by a video of the scene from the 1992 cult classic where Bishop, portrayed by Tupac, and Q, played by Epps, had an intense discussion after he had been avoiding him after he shot their friend Raheem, played by Khalil Kain....

Jun 21, 2021