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Silicon Valley's Buzzy 'Clubhouse' App Makes Waves in Tech and Causes Controversy For Users

The next hottest voice chat app out of Silicon Valley just might be a new breeding ground for controversy and contempt for its users. If you’ve been following along online for the past few days, you’ll know that Clubhouse — a live audio platform still in its private Beta stage — has the potential to lead the pack for new buzzy social media apps this year. Screenshots from Clubhouse/ Credit: Business Insider; Sriram Krishnan, Ben Parr What is Clubhouse exactly? Currently, it’s an invite-only, group voice-chat social network that allows users to speak to each other in real time. The only way to gain access to the app is to reportedly be invited by an already established member on the platform. From there, users can start their own dedicated groups or casual chat groups to speak with followers and other fellow users on any and all topics. In the wake of coronavirus lockdowns, the app’s spontaneous means of communication caught the eye of hundreds of users and quickly became a breakout...

Njera Perkins

Oct 14, 2020