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Former Division One Athlete Creates A Performance Patch That Keeps The Party Going On And Off The Field

If you ever wanted to get the people going or keep up the momentum of a moment, all you have to do is ask the iconic question from Lil Jon’s 2013 smash hit, “Turn Down for What?” And when you are an athlete, optimal performance and vitality are critical to maintaining success on the field and the court. While many products claim they are there to help, the folks behind the B1 Performance Patch believe their product is the top-tier option for athletes and the everyday person. Founded by Jerry Castello, a sports coach, and former D1 athlete, B1 was able to strike a deal to become the official performance patch of seven Division 1 Athletic conferences. Self-proclaimed as the Ray Kroc of the sports world, Castello is utilizing his love of sports and his knowledge about optimal performance to ensure B1 is on the body of everyone who needs that boost to go to the next level.

Sep 9, 2022