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13-Year-Old Creates Period Panty With Heating Pad After Experiencing Discomfort During Her Menstrual Cycle

When the business idea stems from your own need for something the market does not provide, it’s bound to be a hit! For 13-year-old Aaliyah, the idea for Awesomeliyou came from her own need to have a heating pad on the go due to the effects of her menstrual cycle. “One day I was on my period and I was on my couch and I was cramping really badly and my mom had to go and pick up a relative so I had to come with her and I was so upset because I had to part ways with my heating pad, but I just sucked it up and went,” she shared in a video posted on the Internet. “As I was going out the door, I was talking to my mom and I was like, ‘You know, somebody should create a leak-proof period panty with a heating pad that’s like portable.’ And my mom was like ‘You should do that.'” I love it — Tamorah Shareef Muhammad (@ModestyQueen19) August 11, 2022

Shanique Yates

Aug 15, 2022