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What Is Ben Crump's Reported Net Worth In 2023?

Civil rights will always be a hot topic not just within the community but across the country. Sadly, while some strides have been made to create true equality and justice, countless incidents occur across the country that reminds society of how much further there is to go. In particular, when these situations arise victims need a voice that will speak up for them , demand accountability, and shine a spotlight on all the ways that America is not living up to its potential. Ben Crum is one of those voices. Ben Crump is a civil rights and personal injury attorney and civil rights activist. He rose to prominence after he took the Trayvon Martin case where the youth was fatally shot by neighborhood vigilante, George Zimmerman. Since then, the attorney has taken on many high-profile cases that frequently center around racial brutality. Given his high-profile status, how much is this legal eagle worth? Ben Crump’s Early Life Ben Crump’s early life before passing the bar exam is fairly...

Amazon Employee Fired After Being Called A Racial Slur By A Fellow White Employee

Racism is truly life or death when it comes to Black Americans. Thankfully, one man is alive to tell his story. During a delivery, Amazon Driver Associate, Nikolas Mayrant was harassed by a white man who would then go on to complain and leave Mayrant suspended indefinitely. The entire interaction was caught on a Ring Doorbell. REVOLT reports that the incident took place in Cornelius, NC, where, just like any other day, Mayrant set out to conduct his daily deliveries for the marketplace giant. However, when he arrived at the home of Brad Boynton, another Amazon employee, things took a turn for the worst. Boynton alleges that Mayrant broke several Amazon policies, which included accusations of parking his car incorrectly and walking across a lawn. Mayrant says that he “park[ed] awkwardly on a narrow street” in an effort to avoid surrounding parked cars. After Boynton submitted the video to an Amazon colleague and station manager, Mayrant was terminated (Yes, in a pandemic). He then...

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Sep 9, 2021