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Model Aoki Lee Simmons Calls Out Her Harvard Professors For 'Picking And Choosing What Kind Of Dreams Are Appropriate To Chase'

Aoki Lee Simmons isn’t standing for how she says she has been treated at Harvard University. As previously reported by AfroTech, she is the youngest daughter of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons. After enrolling at Harvard at only 16-years-old, Simmons has been pursuing modeling just like her mother along with a degree in computer science. However, according to Simmons’ TikTok, her professors have been disregarding her career, and the 20-year-old has spoken out. @aokileesimmons Maybe if I had a lacrosse game you’d give me the zoom link? ♬ Back End – Finesse2tymes “When professors love being accommodating for students with jobs and work opportunities they ‘respect,’ but modeling isn’t real work, in their opinion,” she wrote in the TikTok video.

Sep 7, 2022

As A Harvard Student & Rising Fashion Icon, Here's How Aoki & Ming Lee Simmons Are Carving Their Own Paths

As the only children of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons had very big shoes to fill. The product of the co-founder of Def Jam Records and the internationally-renowned fashion model-turned-Baby Phat founder, the two girls are also part of the greater family legacy that includes their famous cousins (including Angela, Vanessa, and Diggy) and legendary uncle (Rev. Joseph “Run” Simmons, aka one-half of the legendary Hip-Hop group, Run-DMC). You might say that Aoki and Ming were destined for greatness from birth. Fortunately, they didn’t disappoint, and today, they’re successful women and entrepreneurs in their own right. One is even Ivy League-educated (And, as Kimora Lee put it, she got there on her own merit — not because of her family name or other connections)! Regardless of whatever else goes right, or wrong, in the case of Russell and Kimora Lee, we can all agree that Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons — their two daughters — are doing their part to keep the...