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How Angelica Nwandu Took 300 Followers And Built It Into The Powerhouse Platform We Call The Shade Room

Building an empire is no easy feat, but for Angelica Nwandu, there was no other option. After hitting a bit of a storm in her early adult years, Nwandu found herself flunking both the LSAT and GMAT exams while some of her peers went on to the next step of graduate school. At the time, she simply did not have the funds needed to afford the classes to prep for the exam. However, this did not stop her. On the heels of quitting a pretty stable accounting firm job, Nwandu chose to follow her dreams of becoming a screenwriter, a passion she first discovered as a kid. Little did she know, taking one leap of faith would soon propel her into a vision that was greater than what she had for herself. During its initial launch, The Shade Room (TSR) had around 300 followers. To date, they now have over 25 million followers who are affectionately known as “Roommates.” It is now one of the most popular accounts on the I nstagram platform. Nwandu joined AfroTech in an exclusive interview to discuss...

Shanique Yates

Mar 1, 2022