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How Amber Rose Slut-Walked Her Way Into A $12M Net Worth

Amber Rose Levonchuck may have started her career as the girlfriend of rapper Kanye West, but she’s proven that she’s far more than just attractive arm candy. After failed attempts at being a stripper and a crack dealer (she told Van Lathan that she tried to be a drug dealer but “wasn’t successful”), Amber Rose decided to make an impact in a much bigger way. Although she initially tried her hand at fashion design and music, she ultimately became known for changing the conversation around sexual assault with her annual “SlutWalk.” An offshoot of the original Canadian movement, which began in 2011, the SlutWalk in Los Angeles emphasized the importance of respecting women’s bodily autonomy. It opened the conversation for women to talk about their sexual experiences freely and honestly, without fear of shame or reprisal. And it demanded that women’s trauma — especially sexual trauma — have a relevant place in the larger conversation against sex and violence. These moves, combined with...