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Amazon Isn't Coming to New York. Here's What That Could Mean for the City's Colleges

After months of backlash from New York residents and struggles to close deals with city officials, Amazon is no longer moving half of its second headquarters to the city, according to Reuters. The company had big plans to add 25,000 jobs to it’s proposed New York location, but now says it will instead spread those jobs to different locations across the US and Canada. Plans for it’s Northern Virginia expansion are still underway. After nearly a year-long search for its second headquarters, Amazon announced in November that it was planting its feet in Crystal City, VA and Long Island City, NY. Real estate companies and officials in the cities geared up for Amazon’s arrival by purchasing property and attempting to make tax deals, but the education sector may have gotten left behind now that the New York expansion is off the table. Universities near Long Island City and Crystal City leveraged students and recent graduates to create pipeline programs, initiatives, and expansion deals...

Arriana McLymore

Feb 14, 2019