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More Women Became VC Partners Than Ever Before in 2019 But Only 1 of Them Was Black

2019 was a groundbreaking year for women in regards to venture capital (VC) firms as 52 women were named VC partners or general partners. This figure sets a historic achievement in an industry that struggles to incorporate women leaders. However, according to an All Raise report, only one of the 52 newly-named VC partners identifies as African American. The All Raise report highlights the unprecedented figure (52 women) and the resulting 37 percent increase from the previous year. However, VC firms still have a long way to go in the struggle for diversity and inclusion as it relates to Black women and women of color VC partners. According to the report, Black and Latinx individuals hold the lowest percentages in venture, with 0.67 percent and 3.22 percent respectfully from 2010-2015. The report comes at a time when VCs and other funding institutions, like Goldman Sachs , are employing new policies that will ensure the future of more women-led startups. As women continue to reach new...

Devin Crudup

Feb 12, 2020