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Watch: Boosie Says Black-Owned Alkaline Lyfe is ‘the Best Water in the World’

In 2019, Louisiana rapper Boosie signed a deal with Black-owned water company Alkaline Lyfe. The water company prides itself on its no additives, mineral-free 100 percent natural alkaline spring water product. According to their website, founder and CEO, Malcolm Crittenden, created Alkaline Lyfe after being hospitalized with a blood glucose level of over 400, which later resulted in a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. During his journey of revamping his diet, he had difficulties finding natural spring alkaline water. He then took it upon himself to create a company that provided alkaline water to the masses. Boosie, who also has diabetes and is a cancer survivor, approves of the product and is not only an endorser, but an avid consumer. Recently, Boosie took to his Instagram to proclaim to all that Alkaline Lyfe water is “the best water in the world” and attempted to show us the receipts. Upon comparing Alkaline Lyfe to major...

Apr 21, 2020

St. Louis-Based Entrepreneur Offers Same-Day Delivery for Black-Owned Products

In recent weeks, Black-owned businesses have made unique adjustments to stay profitable and ensure that their products stay within the community. In the Midwest, St. Louis-based entrepreneur Oran Taylor is helping make essential products accessible for the everyday Black consumer. Founded in 2016, Taylor’s distribution company TransTaylor Logistics offers same-day delivery of Black-owned products . These products include everyday items from laundry detergent and toilet paper to alkaline water and lip balm from partnering companies True Laundry Detergent , Alkaline Lyfe water , Garner’s Garden , and Freedom Paper. In addition to the convenience and high-quality TransTaylor Logistics provides, what’s more, delivery is free seven days a week. “We are determined to create a new culture in this city and it starts with economics,” Taylor said in an Instagram post. “Black businesses in black neighborhoods selling black-owned products. Now that’s a C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y…,” Taylor said in an...

Apr 2, 2020