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DJ Khaled Shares His Sneaker Release Was 'The Biggest Release Number-Wise In Jordan Collaboration History'

DJ Khaled’s sneaker release with the Jordan Brand reportedly made history in more ways than one.

Ngozi Nwanji

Oct 11, 2023

Michael Jordan Earned An Estimated $256.1M From Nike In 2022, Report Says

For nearly four decades, Michael Jordan’s deal with Nike has stood the test of time as one of the most dynamic partnerships.

Ngozi Nwanji

Feb 2, 2023

Historic Patch Card Signed By Michael Jordan Sells For A Record-Breaking $2.7M

This Michael Jordan memorabilia is raking in the dough! The NBA legend continues to cause a scene, even well into retirement, after a game-worn patch card with his signature sold for a record-breaking $2.7 million. According to TMZ, the rare card is considered one of the greatest hoop cards ever made. It not only has the basketball star’s autograph, but also includes a swatch of the jersey worn by him during the 1992 NBA All-Star Game (There are only 23 copies of the card). “It makes sense that this card — and the innovative new designs and card styles that it spawned in the industry — is one of the most pivotal in our hobby,” said Ken Goldin, the president of Goldin Auctions who’s responsible for auctioning off the artifact. This is the first card to feature a signature and a piece of a game-worn jersey, which is why experts are calling it historic. Jordan first entered the league in 1984 as a Round 1, third overall pick by the Chicago Bulls, where he played until retiring with the...

Shanique Yates

Oct 12, 2021

Are Your Jordans Real? Here's How GOAT, StockX And More Use Tech To Authenticate Your Sneakers

Sneaker authentication is crucial, especially for today’s growing secondary sneaker resale market. GQ reported that the counterfeit sneaker market is worth $450 billion, and complaints of the fraudulent goods have even made it in front of a judge. The United States Department of Homeland Security ran an investigation on a Chinese company named Qing Fu Zeng between February 2012 and December 2016. The international company smuggled 22 shipping containers full of counterfeit Nike and Louis Vuitton sneakers by sea into the United States. According to the complaint, if the sneakers had been authentic, they would have been worth more than $472 million. There was a similar counterfeit ring bust back in 2018 in New York. Sneaker authentication technology is on the rise for reasons like this. Jerome Thompson, authentication manager at GOAT, told FN that one of GOAT’s co-founders launched the sneaker and apparel company in 2009 after accidentally buying a pair of fake Jordans from another...

Michelai Graham

Sep 6, 2021

Kobe Bryant’s Signed Air Jordan Sneakers Worth $89K Are Being Auctioned For IPO Shares

If you’ve ever wanted to own a pair of sneakers signed by Kobe Bryant, but don’t have an extra $89,000 laying around, Collectable has a unique solution for you. Yahoo is reporting that the online sports memorabilia company is offering the late basketball legend’s signed French Blue Air Jordan 12 Retro sneakers as an IPO. Collectable’s idea is that memorabilia collectors can own a piece of sports history at an affordable price (in this case, for $10/share), so more fans can access things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. “Investors are limited to $5,000 in the first 15 minutes and $15,000 in the next 45 minutes. The cap will be lifted after the first hour. $10 per share, $89,000 All-in, $89,000 IPO, $5,000 share cap for first 15 mins,” explained the company. This offering is one of two pairs of Air Jordans worn by the late Kobe Bryant. The sneakers were verified as authentic, and Bryant wore them to play a Lakers vs. Boston Celtics game in December 2003. The pair features...