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What To Expect From The AFROTECH Music Experience — Jadakiss, Rick Ross, And More Set To Hit The Stage

Most people have an “I remember when” moment. Those occurrences are usually marked by music, like the first time you heard your favorite Hip-Hop song or the R&B track that played in the background on your first date. Music has a way of setting a mood and creating a vibe, but it also serves as a marker in history for the best of life’s moments. And AFROTECH Conference is becoming one of those experiences, offering ticket holders the ultimate “work-hard, play-hard” situation with AFROTECH Music. Scheduled for Nov. 1-5, 2023, in Austin, TX, the AFROTECH Conference will bring together thousands of Black technologists, entrepreneurs, executives, and more. Each day, conference attendees will attend sessions and meet movers and shakers who have the potential to change the trajectory of their lives. So, it only makes sense the conference is capped off by musical and social experiences that take the week of learning and growth to the next level with AFROTECH Music.

Aug 29, 2023

AFROTECH Conference: Rick Ross, The Biggest Boss, Set To Headline The Music Stage In Austin, TX

If “Aston Martin Music” is your thing, then AFROTECH Conference just got a little more exciting. Platinum-selling artist Rick Ross will headline this year’s music experience. In 2022, an estimated 25,000 Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists gathered in Austin, TX, for the premiere tech conference of the year. Each day, participants could tap into sessions that advanced their knowledge base, meet with companies about the chance to propel their careers and meet people from across the nation who could potentially become lifelong friends and thought partners. While the educational and professional opportunities are top-tier, what is a conference without some “work hard, play hard” benefits? AFROTECH Conference offers ticket holders more than just a stiff happy hour at a local bar or restaurant. The social activities associated with the conference are centered around unique encounters that will create expansive networks and curate some of the most lit experiences a...

Aug 11, 2023