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These Twin Sisters Are Breaking Barriers in the Wine Industry One Bottle at A Time

Wine is more than just a drink for the Nichols sisters, it’s a lifestyle! Nichelle and Nicole Nichols are co-founders and SHE-eos behind The Guilty Grape, a wine brand that is committed to breaking barriers and showcasing representation. These are not just your average sisters, Nichelle and Nicole are identical twins who took their frustration of the lack of minority representation and turned it into wine! We sat down with them to discuss their why, their commitment to lifting and their climb, and their idea of longevity within the wine space through their brand. On The Guilty Grape Before they were running a wine business, both Nichelle and Nicole had similar paths, both working in corporate retail management and the entertainment industry. “We reached a point where we were coming home and we just weren’t passionate about what we were doing anymore,” said Nichelle. “It wasn’t making us happy.” They wanted a business in something that not only piqued their interest but something...

Shanique Yates

Oct 1, 2020

African Athletes to French Doctors: 'Africa Isn't a Testing Lab'

As minds come together in efforts to develop a vaccine and cure that will put a halt to the pandemic, some insist on contributing their ill and racially immoral two cents. Among the latter are two French doctors who suggest using the people of Africa as COVID-19 vaccine testing subjects. Professor Jean-Paul Mira, head of the Resuscitation Department at the Cochin Hospital and Professor Camile Locht, the research director at Inserm, both agree that the continent of Africa is the ideal location to test the vaccine. “If I can be proactive, shouldn’t we do this study in Africa where there are no masks, no treatment, no reanimation,” Mira said in a TRTWorld discussion. It seems that Mira has neglected to view Africans as people, but instead, as testing dummies who can help the rest of the world be proactive against COVID-19. He continues his demeaning rant by saying “a little bit as is done in some AIDS studies where they used prostitutes to test some things.” Mira’s statements reek of...

Devin Crudup

Apr 6, 2020