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Plans To Construct New York's First Skyscraper Led By A Majority Black-Led Team Are Officially Underway

Although Black people accounted for a large portion of the New York population, according to the United Census Bureau, for far too long, they have been left out of the ins and outs of a place rooted in our culture. It’s no secret that the Big Apple is known for its skyscrapers. Yet, not a single one that makes up the renowned New York City skyline has been constructed with a majority Black team — that is, until now. EBONY reports that for the first time ever, real estate developers have plans in motion to build the city’s first skyscraper with a majority Black-led team. “This is an opportunity to really create a paradigm shift and to start to build a Black economy that Black companies actually participate in and flourish,” said Craig Livingston, managing partner at Exact Capital. “On our side, as owners of a project, we can decide to spend a billion dollars with Black and Brown companies and for the economics to be shared and to be dissipated throughout specific communities.”

Mar 17, 2022