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Did It Take The Kardashians Speaking Out For Instagram To Back Down On Video Updates?

It looks like the Kardashians may have had a hand in Instagram’s decision to scale back on previous plans to focus strictly on videos, CNBC reports. However, the celebrity family was not the only ones who were outspoken about the social media network’s recent uptick in videos. Tons of users flocked to the Internet to express their grievances. Many people, including the Kardashians, accused them of copying their competitor, TikTok, in terms of videos. I have the full screen test, I don’t like it. I miss being able to scroll, not going one by one. I desperately want the option for a chronological feed; I follow over 2k accounts and only see posts from the same 100 or so. Videos are fine, but I use IG for IG, not Tiktok. — Quinoa 🍚 (@Quinoanoir) July 26, 2022 In fact, it seems like all it took was for Kylie Jenner to co-sign a petition calling to “Make Instagram Instagram Again,” before the platform’s chief shared some comments of his own. On Tuesday, Adam Mosseri responded...

Shanique Yates

Jul 29, 2022