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Helping Businesses Organize For Change With Ayanna Carrington, CEO Of Your Project Board

When Ayanna Carrington noticed the law firm she worked for wasn’t providing young Black attorneys with the tools to be successful, she wondered how she could bridge that gap. She realized her tried and tested organizational systems could bring the needed technical support to attorneys wanting to grow their practices. Inspired to help professionals in a variety of industries, Carrington started Your Project Board, a consulting firm that offers project management, virtual assistance and marketing services to growing businesses. As businesses shifted to work-from-home models in response to COVID-19, the demand for Your Project Board’s services skyrocketed. Suddenly, Carrington was struggling to find funding to support this rapid expansion. AfroTech spoke with Carrington to discuss how Accion Opportunity Fund opened doors for Your Project Board and many more Black entrepreneurs.

Mahlet Yared

Jul 28, 2022

Goodr CEO Jasmine Crowe Has A Vision For Social Entrepreneurship And Funding Opportunities with Accion Opportunity Fund

When it comes to social impact work, most people take the nonprofit route to tackle systemic issues, such as food insecurity. But when Jasmine Crowe, founder and CEO of Goodr , saw the systemic impact of hunger in Atlanta, she had a vision for using logistics and technology to bring the community together to feed more families. According to Crowe, food insecurity is an issue of distribution, not resources, and she’s passionate about using technology to reroute millions of pounds of food from businesses to communities in need. Goodr is a technology company with a vision to “feed more, waste less” and uses logistics to provide food waste solutions to feed families experiencing food insecurity. But as a social enterprise, Crowe experienced challenges in raising capital to support the growth of Goodr. AfroTech speaks with Crowe to discuss how Accion Opportunity Fund opened doors for Goodr and many more Black entrepreneurs. AfroTech: How did you first become interested in addressing food...

Mahlet Yared

Jul 19, 2022