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American Express, Elaine Welteroth Partner to Highlight Black Business Owners’ Who Are ‘Built To Last’

Best-selling author and journalist Elaine Welteroth is partnering with American Express to highlights small business owners , reports Forbes. In a newly launched video series podcast titled “Built To Last,” Welteroth is sharing the stories of Black business owners to discuss their personal journeys and the significance of minority-owned entrepreneurs. “I was really grateful to have the opportunity to partner with American Express on a project with purpose. Our missions were aligned in wanting to build a platform that educates and inspires the next generation of Black entrepreneurs while also encouraging continued patronage of the many Black businesses that need our support, now more than ever Built to Last dives into the stories, history and continued legacy of Black-owned small businesses that have shaped American culture,” said Welteroth. Thus far, the podcast has featured Pinky Cole, the founder of Slutty Vegan, CEOs Issa Rae and Hannah Diop of Sienna Naturals, Melissa Butler of...

Dec 22, 2020

Fresh Out Of College? How To Get A Marketing Job In Tech: An Interview With Growth Marketer And Entrepreneur Everette Taylor

Everette Taylor is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist who previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at Sticker Mule, the hugely popular custom stickers startup, and was CMO of Skurt, an on-demand rental car app that was recently acquired by In this interview produced by OF10podcast , Will Lucas (OF10podcast host) and Everette discuss how students coming out of college break into marketing opportunities for startup companies, and tips for startup teams to get to product-market fit. Note: This portion of the interview is derived from the audio interview heard on the OF10podcast with Will Lucas . To hear the podcast, subscribe in iTunes , Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. This interview has been edited for length. Everette: I started my first marketing job when I was 18 and worked full-time marketing jobs throughout college. I actually started my first marketing company in college, so I have had a really different trajectory than most. I gained a lot of...

Jul 22, 2018