Did Lil Nas X and Taco Bell just team up to help young leaders change the world?

Together, the Taco Bell Foundation and the Gen-Z superstar will launch the Ambition Accelerator, a program created to support young people as they work to make changes throughout their respective communities and the world.

The Ambition Accelerator

With the new program, young leaders will have their wildest dreams fueled by having access to the resources that are needed to change not only their environment but the lives of others, too.

“The Taco Bell Foundation understands that young people often face significant challenges in making their ambitions a reality – especially those in underrepresented groups,” said the brand in an official statement. “This is why Taco Bell and the Taco Bell Foundation have teamed up with Ashoka, the largest global network of leading social entrepreneurs, to launch the Ambition Accelerator and provide equitable access to the resources needed to help others Live Más!”

Endless Opportunities

Applications for the program are currently open until July 21.

Young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 are invited to submit their social impact ideas for a chance to take their change-making skills to the next level(Taco Bell team members are also encouraged to apply).

Click here for more on how to participate in the program.

Lil Nas X And Taco Bell Go Way Back

Lil Nas X and Taco Bell have a deep history. As a teen, the superstar worked for the fast-food chain. Now, he serves as the brand’s Chief Impact Officer.

“This is a program for the dreamers and disruptors,” said Lil Nas X. “Be delusional and chase your dreams, and find the right support you need along the way, which just might be from Taco Bell.