Tabitha Brown has built a business empire off of being no one but herself.

Early on in her rise to becoming a household name, Target was one of the companies that became a big fan of her authenticity.

During an interview with “Earn Your Leisure,” the vegan entrepreneur and social media personality recounted her pleasant experience at the start of the  partnership when she would film videos as an influencer.

“What I loved about Target instantly is that I would do a video and I would send it in for approval,” Brown shared on the podcast. “And I would just be waiting for their feedback to tell me what to change. And they never wanted anything to change. It was, ‘Oh, we love it.’”

Target’s response for her to lean into simply “being Tab” came as a shocker for Brown as she had worked with other brands that attempted to change how she approached content. 

“They didn’t care if I talked about God. They didn’t care if I talked about veganism. They didn’t care as long as I was being me,” she emphasized.

After a year of working with the company, they offered her a first-of-its-kind deal. Brown became the first person to do four exclusive collections across Target. The deal gave her the opportunity to create her own line of limited-time-only clothing and accessories, as well as her own swimwear. What’s more, Brown launched her home and office products as well as food and kitchenware.

“Tabitha Brown is known for being a beacon of positivity, making her the perfect partner to help Target continue providing inspirational, inclusive and affordable style for all,” said Target Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer Jill Sando at the time of the announcement. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Tabitha for a number of years and are thrilled to take our relationship to the next level by partnering with her to introduce new limited-time collections that we know guests will love.”

Coming in the summer, Brown is set to release outdoor entertainment.