Navigating the workforce is an ever-evolving process. Some of the traditional methods of searching, applying and securing a job are much more nuanced today than they’ve ever been. With the pandemic forcing people to slow down and evaluate what it means to preserve their mental health, job seekers are more particular about schedule, flexibility, salary, and cultural fit. In the words of Fat Joe, “Today’s price is not yesterday’s price.”

Employers have had to adjust to this change as well. Companies all around the world are looking at new approaches to recruiting and retaining talent. While the results of the Great Resignation have been the catalyst for the shifting dynamics in the workforce, many employees at companies like T. Rowe Price have mastered the ability to pivot.

AfroTech had the privilege to learn in-depth interview tips from Thomas Byrd (Cyber Security Senior Manager), Engelia Tucker (Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist), and Douglas Gilmore (Sr. Cyber Security Infrastructure Engineer). From a tenured manager to an HR specialist to a recent hire, each T. Rowe Price team member shared their perspective on how to land the ideal role.

Be Authentic 

When walking in a room to interview, everyone present is looking for the most authentic version of you. Across the board, Byrd, Tucker and Gilmore agree that authenticity is the best way to present yourself. Your individuality is a value add. Every person’s innate superpower is that there’s no one else quite like them. Bring that power to every application, interview and meeting.

 “We encourage diversity of thought, so having your own line of reasoning and the ability to bring others along is a huge value add,” Byrd explains.

Be Prepared

 Although the pandemic has changed the interview process, some things remain constant. Whether an interview is virtual or in person, prospective employees are expected to be punctual, dressed properly, and aware of the role and company they’ve applied to.

 “Candidates should be positive in the interview, dress professionally for video interviews and conduct research on the firm and role via LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the company website. Candidates should not talk poorly about past employers/coworkers, be late to an interview — even virtual — or downplay your areas of opportunities,” Tucker encourages job seekers.

Be Conscious of Your Strengths and Weakness 

Authenticity may be the vibe, but self-awareness is of equal importance. Being able to identify your hard and soft skills will help inform a hiring manager whether you’re the right fit for the company and the team. Byrd and his team look for a qualified person with critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, communication skills, and research and writing skills. These characteristics tend to mesh well with his management style and show certain competency levels that will prove beneficial on any work assignment.

“My management style is democratic. We all work to ensure that team, group, and department-level objectives are achieved,” Byrd points out.

Be Aware

Employees tend to believe they don’t have much power in the hiring process. This isn’t entirely true. While you’re competing to see if you’re the best fit for an organization, you should keep in mind whether that company is the best fit for you and your future. At some point during the hiring process, you should feel confident about the next steps with a prospective employer. 

“The second interview [that day] was when I felt this was a good fit. I did have a third interview, but I had a gut feeling this was where I would end up after the second interview,” Gilmore explains.

Ultimately, everyone’s experience will be different as no company is the same. There are many other things to consider beyond what’s listed here. Salary, benefits, flexibility, schedule, and company culture are all critical factors when entering the job market.

“T. Rowe Price has a culture that transcends time. There are individuals who have varying levels of tenure working together. This puts the firm in a unique position to draw historical knowledge as well as current knowledge to various teams,” Tucker explains. “Another aspect of the firm’s culture is the focus on diversity. We really do walk the talk here. Areas of opportunities are identified, and they are consciously worked on from the executive team to us in talent acquisition.”

T. Rowe Price prides itself on being fair, supportive, and inclusive. These are some core elements the team believes are paramount for a 360-wellness experience and separate them from other companies. A part of that holistic experience was flexibility during the onset of the pandemic. When COVID shut down the world, it did not shut down the organization. The company supported its employees with remote work and, as time went on, focused its efforts on creating and implementing protocols that prioritized the health and safety of the employees. 

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