Massachusetts-based science technology company Synlogic has announced, today, that Lisa Kelly-Croswell has been appointed to their board of directors.

In a press release announcement, the company confirmed that Ms. Kelly-Croswell is joining the board in what the company is calling a “growth stage.” While the immediate details about this growth haven’t been made clear, what is clear is that Synlogic’s focus will be on its proprietary technologies, including those that treat metabolic disorders like Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Enteric Hyperoxaluria (HOX). The company is also building a portfolio of partner-able assets in immunology and oncology.

“Great biotech companies begin and end with people,” said Ms. Kelly-Croswell, in the press release statement. “The patients they serve, and the people that make it all happen. I am thrilled to be joining Synlogic at such a growth stage in the company’s history. With three programs moving through the clinic and a talented team driving towards a data-rich 2021, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of both Synlogic and the patients they hope to benefit.”

Prior to joining Synlogic’s board of directors, Ms. Kelly-Crosswell served in various executive roles at such companies as CIGNA, Monsanto, and Frito-Lay. She was also Senior Vice President, HR and Corporate Services at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where for seven years she was part of the executive team evolving the company from early-stage biotech, to a fully commercialized pharmaceutical company.