Swizz Beatz is questioning why when Black businesses are ascending to higher heights, oftentimes they’re met with claims of selling out. That’s what he and Timbaland were accused of after the Verzuz acquisition deal.

After completing Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management executive program, the renowned producer says he has a new outlook on not only his own entrepreneurial pursuits but fellow Black-owned businesses as well.

Selling Out Or 'Selling In?'

“Me going back to school showed me how to build up and not sell out, but sell in,” Swizz Beatz noted during an appearance on the podcast “Assets Over Liabilities.” “We can’t sit back and watch all the non-colored entrepreneurs cash out. That’s called good business, but when we cash out, it’s all called selling out. I don’t understand that part.”

What’s more, the “Money in the Bank” emcee had been accused of that same sell-out sentiment before. He and a fellow producer and business partner joined forces with social media networking app Triller in a controversial acquisition deal, and not everyone was happy with the news.

Response To Verzuz Acquisition Deal Backlash

“Verzuz is still 100 percent Black-owned,” Swizz Beatz said via Instagram Live in May 2023. “50 percent on the top of your screen, and 50 percent on the bottom of your screen. In case you ain’t know. Word to Allah. Okay?”

Furthermore, he reiterated that the popular song battle platform that was birthed at the height of the pandemic was created specifically with the culture in mind.

“It was built for the people, and it will stay with the people. And we love everybody,” Swizz Beatz said.

Fighting For Equity

In September 2022, he and Timbaland reached a settlement agreement with Triller in the amount of $28 million after suing for breach of contract, citing that the company failed and refused to pay past due balances after the Verzuz acquisition deal.

As a result of the court case, the ownership stake for participating Verzuz artists initially brought to Triller by the pair’s original deal was also increased.