Styles P is creating the change he wants to see in his home state.

Back in 2011, The LOX emcee opened the first brick-and-mortar store for his business, Juices For Life, in The Bronx, NY, according to HYPEBEAST.

Growing up in Yonkers, NY, he watched his community suffer from substance abuse.

In addition, Styles P once had a time when he was experiencing post-nasal drip and eczema as well as looking to lose weight.

Eventually his upbringing and own health issues resulted in juicing to detox, which is where the inception of Juices For Life came in.

The mission was to help provide access to healthy food in underserved communities.

“If you grew up in the hood, there’s a liquor store on every corner, there’s a fast food place on every corner,” Styles P said, according to the outlet. “If you make money and you move to a more affluent neighborhood, you don’t see those same things so frequently.”

Now, the juice bar has locked in on more locations — a second store in The Bronx, one in Brooklyn, and one in Yonkers (his hometown), the outlet notes.

From the start of building out Juices For Life, Styles P was hands-on in sourcing fruits and vegetables and making the juices. 

As Styles P started his juicing journey nearly two decades ago, a part of the focus for his business has been keeping his fellow rappers’ health in mind.

“[Juices For Life has] evolved with us understanding that people in hip-hop want to live and survive too,” he said.

Styles P’s advocacy for healthy living doesn’t stop at Juices For Life.

Alongside his wife, Adjua Styles, he opened a holistic “pharmacy” that sells minerals and herbs. Named Farmacy For Life, its organic products such as black seed oil, Irish seed moss, and oregano oil are available to customers outside of New York, per Good Morning America.