The untold stories of some of the biggest names in the music industry will be featured in the metaverse.

The Series Will Focus On Legendary Debut Albums

According to a press release sent to AfroTech, House of Aces will drop a ten-part series on their newly formed show, “The Debut Live.”

The vision is brought to life by co-creators and executive producers of the show, Lamarre and Dria Baum. In addition, Carl Lamarre, Billboard’s Deputy Director of Hip Hop and R&B, will host the show and curate discussions on their first studio album project from artists including The Game, French Montana, and Fabolous.

“The Debut Live will help artists and fans understand the magnitude of the debut album. Music is fleeting. It’s hard to capture a moment and keep it intact, and that’s why an artist’s first true body of work is essential. ‘Illmatic,’ ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ and ‘Ready to Die’ were stepping stones for legendary careers and remained fixtures in the culture. We want to not only relive those moments but help future artists create their own,” Lamarre told AfroTech in an email interview.

The First Episode Will Feature The Game

In partnership with CEEK Virtual Reality, season one will jumpstart on Friday, Aug.

19. As AfroTech previously told you, CEEK — founded by Mary Spio — is an award-winning platform created to empower creators in the Web3 space through unique experiences.

“Hosting The Debut Live in the CEEK Metaverse allows true creativity in how the old and new fans engage with the artist and the musical journey,” Spio told AfroTech exclusively. “CEEK VR hangouts are shared spaces for fans with similar interests to enjoy experiences socially. Sharing these never known or seen before stories in these intimate settings makes the energy and experiences palpable. Artists will be given the option to offer these Debut covers as rare signed NFTs to reach new audiences. These are some of the benefits of Web 3.0. It’s a whole new world.”

The first episode will be broadcasted live only through CEEK and will kick off with multiplatinum rapper The Game.