If you love Black comedy, then you’re likely familiar with Broderick Stephen Harvey, better known as Steve Harvey. He’s a successful comedian, broadcaster, author, game show host, and businessman. His strong drive and talent are major contributors to his success. Just how successful is Steve Harvey? Let’s take a look at his net worth.

How Steve Harvey Went From Rags to Riches 

Steve Harvey has an estimated net worth of $200 million. He’s well-known as the host of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” as well as the popular game show “Family Feud.” Harvey also starred in his own sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show” for five seasons. Steve Harvey hosted “Showtime at the Apollo”and has appeared in many stand-up comedy acts. Not to mention, he’s an accomplished author of the self-help book “Act Like a Woman: Think Like a Man.”

As a man who has seemingly done it all, it’s no surprise that Steve Harvey has a quite considerable net worth. With a total net worth of $200 million, Harvey’s estimated average salary is $45 million per year. From “Family Feud” itself, he makes over $9 million. However, that isn’t even his highest-paying gig. The successful entertainer reportedly makes $20 million from his radio show. 

Aside from his great entertaining ability, Steve Harvey is a smart businessman. He owns a production company and an events company that his daughter Morgan operates. He also owns the rights to “Family Feud’s” international editions. 

Early Life 

Things haven’t always been smooth sailing for the well-known entertainer. He worked several jobs, including an insurance salesman, postman, and even as a professional boxer. None of them were enough to pay the bills. In the 1980s, Harvey landed a gig in stand-up comedy. The comedian still failed to make ends meet. In fact, for three years, he lived out of his 1976 Ford Tempo. He washed up in any place with working water, such as swimming pool showers, gas stations, or hotel bathrooms. In the 1990s, he finally started to catch a break when he became the host of “Showtime at the Apollo.”

It’s no wonder Steve Harvey became a smart and wealthy businessman and entertainer. He has the smarts and talent for it.