Without initially planning on it, Steve Harvey lucked up on a mansion formerly owned by a fellow top entertainer in the business. 

In an interview on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay,” the comedian and TV host recalled how he ended up purchasing the Georgia mansion Tyler Perry once owned on the Chattahoochee River.

Having the views cost Steve a whopping $15 million. However, he admitted to Sharpe that he has no complaints about how the sale all went down.

The mastermind behind closing the deal was his wife, Marjorie Harvey. Around when the COVID-19 pandemic started, she presented the idea to him to buy the house. Although Steve was initially hesitant to move forward with the idea due to COVID’s effect on his income at the time, Marjorie convinced him to have a change of heart.

“She said, ‘Steve, you don’t know how much money you got. You make it. I watch it,'” he shared. “She said, ‘I can put this whole deal together.'”

Once Steve agreed, Marjorie got down to business to seal a deal with the owner who had purchased the mansion after Perry.

“She told me how much she put an offer in for,” Steve shared. “The real estate agent said [the owner] will never, ever sign for that much. He’ll never take that amount. It’s impossible. ‘Ms. Harvey, you’re wasting your time.’ She wrote him a long letter, too. She said, ‘This is not a negotiation. I am offering you this. My husband loves the house… We’ll buy it sight unseen. If you don’t want this amount, it’s okay. I’m not trying to insult you.'”

In the end, Marjorie’s offer was accepted by the owner on the birthday of Steve’s late mother. Marjorie handling the deal on her own and having it go as planned was a blessing for the entertainer. He told Sharpe that he had prayed to own a house like it when initially visiting Perry. 

As previously shared by AfroTech, Steve and Marjorie share a blended family under his $200 million empire.