Stephen Curry is considered one of the greatest basketball players of our time.

In fact, according to Bleacher Report, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr called him “the best shooter who ever lived,” noting that he’s a 43.3 percent career shooter at an average of 8.6 attempts per game.

And though he hasn’t quite yet achieved the billionaire status of the likes of Michael Jordan, he’ll probably be getting there sooner rather than later, at the rate he’s going.

His basketball journey is a true rags-to-riches story. When he was first drafted in 2009, he was only making $3 million a year between salary and endorsements. And, in fact, he didn’t have any endorsements in his first few seasons with the NBA.

Nevertheless, Stephen Curry still proved he was worthy of the big bucks.

“After signing a lucrative new contract with the Warriors in 2012, Curry finished the season with 272 completed three-pointers – a new record. Although critics stated the Warriors were unwise to sign a new contract with then-injury-prone Curry, he proved that he was a valuable member of the team. In the next season, Curry hit a whopping 314 three-pointers,” reported Celebrity Net Worth.

In 2017, he signed what turned out to be the most lucrative contract of its kind in NBA history, totaling more than $200 million throughout the duration of the contract. And this contract made him the first NBA in history to earn more than $40 million per season.

Today, he’s one of the top-paid stars in the NBA today. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stephen Curry makes about $50 million a year in salary from the NBA, plus about another $30 million a year from endorsements. Year over year, his earnings will eventually hit $400 million if the trends continue the way they’re going, according to the outlet.

What’s more, as AfroTech previously reported, he’s started investing in other startups as well with his SC30 and Penny Jar Capital investment firms.

All this, in a nutshell, means that he’s accrued a $160 million net worth.

Let’s take a look at all the ways Stephen Curry makes his money.

Editorial note: The net worth listed in this piece is a speculative estimate drawn from a variety of online sources.


Photo Credit: Frederic J. Brown

In the 2021-2022 season alone, as AfroTech previously reported, he made more than $45 million from his on-court plays alone. Hoops Hype reports that his salary is only set to increase in subsequent years — so much so, in fact, that he’s projected to make nearly $60 million in the 2025/2026 season.

Under Armour Shoe Deal

Courtesy of Under Armour

As AfroTech previously reported, Steph Curry has one of the most lucrative shoe deals in the NBA. Back in 2013, he signed a deal with what was then a fledgling brand: Under Armour. Shortly after the deal was made, he became an All-Star, and the sales of his shoes skyrocketed — bringing a much-needed windfall to the company.

Last year, in an effort to rival Nike’s Jordan brand, Curry launched his own self-named brand in partnership with Under Armour.

Curry’s deal with Under Armour is reportedly worth $20 million.


Photo Credit: Miikka Skaffari

Steph Curry has also been getting involved in the world of NFTs.

As AfroTech previously reported, he snagged a few LinksDAO NFTs, which ended up driving up the price exponentially. Like many other celebrities, he also snapped up a Bored Ape NFT, for which he plunked down $180,000.

And as AfroTech also previously reported, his 2974 NFT drop raised more than $2.1 million, with the proceeds of the sale going to charity.

SC36 and Penny Jar Capital

According to CrunchBase, Steph Curry founded SC30, Inc. in 2017.

SC30 — headquartered in the Bay Area — is “the company responsible for Stephen Curry’s complete off-court business portfolio.” It has invested in 13 companies, so far, including Step, Squire, and Tonal.

In June 2021, AfroTech reported that Steph Curry started Penny Jar Capital, an early-stage investment firm. Through this firm, he invested in companies like Syndio, a startup in the tech space.

Other Investments and Endorsements

Stephen Curry in a grey t-shirt with a collar reading a book
Courtesy of Literati

In September 2021, AfroTech reported that Steph Curry invested in Literati, a digital platform that attempts to bring people together through their love of reading.

“Literati is ensuring that everyone falls in love with books and reading,” he said in a statement about his investment. “There are so many stories the world needs to know about, and finding new books with different perspectives is an important part of the human experience. I love that people can connect and grow together through reading.”

He also has become the first athlete to endorse a college star under the new NIL rules. In December 2021, he endorsed Azzi Fudd, as AfroTech previously reported.


Photo Credit: Brian Stukes

Steph Curry is also involved in many philanthropic efforts. As AfroTech previously reported, in July 2021, he partnered with the non-profit organization NinetyToZero to close the food inequality gap in the United States.

“Uncovering solutions and creating opportunities is something I’m profoundly committed to,” Curry said in a statement about his participation. “Bridging the racial wealth gap is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. We are setting a concrete approach that every organization can take to initiate meaningful progress now.”

Real Estate

Courtesy of Studio Green

In June 2019, VelvetRope revealed that Steph Curry “quietly” purchased a mansion in Atherton, CA, for a whopping $31 million. The impressive price tag aside, the outlet confirmed that this purchase was not only Atherton’s largest but the largest real estate transaction in the Bay Area in history.

In 2017, The Los Angeles Times reported that Steph Curry parted ways with his Walnut Creek, CA home for $2.94 million. He purchased the house in 2015 for $3.2 million, taking a slight loss in the sale.

But he fared better in the sale of his home in Alamo, CA. In 2019, a different report for The Los Angeles Times revealed that he parted ways with his home in the quiet northern California suburb for $6.3 million. He’d purchased the pad back in 2016 for $5.775 million.