As the monetization of products, services, and untraditional items increases, so does the rise and popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Many people are going full force with developing NFTs for art, music, and even tweets. Whatever the subject of the NFT, it does not appear that the phenomenon is going to stop any time soon. While some financial experts are still on the fence about the long-term sustainability of NFTs, the continuing financial implications seem stable for the future.

As the second quarter of 2022 carries on, the hype and fluidity of NFTs are strong as ever. Tap into these NFT collections and projects we’ve had our eyes on.

2022 NBA Playoff Collection

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors have found themselves in the NBA playoffs for another season. This year, they are leveling up their game by establishing an NFT to chronicle their journey.

The athletic NFT is the first of its kind, responsive to the Warriors’ success during the playoffs. In short, when the “Splash Brothers” do well, so will those who have a stake in the NFT.

Aku And The “Akutars”

The crypto-native NFT character created by artist and ex MLB player Micah Johnson, Aku, is set to launch 15,000 unique 3D avatars named Akutars. Initially reported by Women Wears Daily, the avatars will have designs in collaboration with Puma, IceCream, Billionaire Boys Club, Upscale Vandal, Paper Planes, and Who Decides War.

Photo Credit: Bobby Metelus

Each collaborator on the project will design a one-of-a-kind Akutar that will launch on the Ethereum blockchain later this month. Pieces of the design will appear throughout the collection on other Akutars. Owners of the avatars will receive entry into the Akuverse and premier access to future resources, products, and experiences.

MAC Is Bringing Beauty To NFTs

Widely known for its cosmetic products, MAC enters the NFT universe with Viva Glam x Keith Haring. The partnership is the first of its kind for a beauty brand and is created for charitable purposes to help support organizations dedicated to creating more equitable futures for people.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MAC

The limited-edition collection will feature three animated illustrations of MAC Viva Glam lipsticks commemorating some of Haring’s most famous works. A part of the collection is Keith Haring Red, a rare commodity priced at $25 with 5,000 minted on demand. The Keith Haring Blue is more exclusive and costs $15 with 250 pieces minted on demand, and the most exclusive option is Keith Haring Yellow, with only 25 works sold at $1,000.

The Coachella Collection

It should come as no surprise to hear that the massive music festival, Coachella, is entering the NFT game. The musical extravaganza is stepping into the ring with three collections: Sights and Sounds, Desert Reflections, and Coachella Keys.

With its own marketplace for the NFT collection, Coachella’s three collections provide owners with a wide variety of soundscapes, digital photos, and posters that have real-world value. The products in the collection can be redeemed in exchange for in-person experiences.

Individuals who happen to be a part of the Coachella Keys collection will have lifetime access passes to every Coachella festival.

Oh, Baby With Ashanti

Becoming the first Black woman artist to be a co-founder of a Web3 company, Ashanti recreated her debut album cover while launching an NFT collection, according to NFT Evening.

An R&B staple during the 2000s, Ashanti has been able to flourish because of her talent. This is evident in her current steps as a partner with EQ Exchange.

Photo Credit: Rick Kern

EQ Exchange allows music artists to monetize their work without the often-associated hidden costs.

The George Floyd Legacy

The brother of slain black man, George Floyd, is creating an NFT in his brother’s honor. Deemed as a racial equality collection, Terrence Floyd is seeking to highlight the need for police reform and the advancement of social justice policy.

With a total of 900 NFTs in the collection, Terrence has partnered with Confront Art on the Flow blockchain to make this reality.

The NFT collection has garnered the attention and support from icons and legends like Dionne Warwick, currently known for her witty Twitter takes.

As reported by NFT Evening, the NFTs are free and will honor Justice Day. Anyone interested can begin acquiring pieces in this NFT collection on April 22 at

The Beard Experience

NBA superstar and Philadelphia 76er have just announced an exclusive NFT collection with Autograph – the Web3 brand pioneering a modern era of digital experiences. NFL legend Tom Brady co-founded autograph.

Photo Credit: Cindy Ord

Harden’s collection includes his uniquely tailored 1-of-1 Autograph NFT – The Way of the Beard. This collection will highlight Harden’s NBA journey and success in the current playoff games. Collectibles such as Barbershop Fresh and Untouchable will be available via personal PFP, Fiat Auction, Direct sale, etc.  The auction will begin Saturday, April 16, and includes a bundle of signed merchandise.