Individuals interested in investing in exclusive markets in the continent of Africa now have the chance.

daba, an abbreviation for “Democratizing Access to Business in Africa” and pays homage to a shovel-like tool used for agriculture in Ivory Coast, was co-founded by American-based entrepreneurs – Boum III Jr and Anthony Miclet.

Established as Africa’s first social investment application, daba’s mission is to make investing in Africa possible for investors of any level. Based on a press release, Boum and Anthony realized that much of the world’s fastest-growing economies but has a significant lack of investment avenues for retail investors creating a solid foundation for increased interest in Africa as an investment destination.

“Now is truly an opportune time to invest in Africa,” said Anthony, who serves as the Head of Product and co-founder of daba alongside Boum. “With recent cultural and economic trends, a lot of eyes are on the continent. It’s safe to say the world is slowly catching up with what many on the continent have known for a long time. The future of investing is Africa.”

To capitalize on investor interest and need, daba founders are eager to announce the beta launch of its Africa-focused investment platform to current waitlist members. The waitlist was quietly unveiled in Fall 2021 on the company’s website. The members of the initial waitlist have financial pledges that exceed $2 million towards promising African investment opportunities

Inclusive Investing

To make the platform inclusive to all, daba’s platform will be free to download and use. Nevertheless, those looking for a more advanced experience with access to a bevy of resources and established investment portfolios and recommendations will be able to purchase the premium subscription.

“We’ve designed daba to be an all-encompassing tool,  from investment discovery and capital deployment to portfolio tracking and management,” said Boum. “Everything you need to invest in and out of Africa, we have available on daba.”

Anyone interested in joining what Boum and Anthony are coining as the “Africa investment revolution” still has time to jump on board. Those who are on the initial waitlist waiting on the beta launch of the social investment application can enjoy free features like daba’s newsletter and daily investor updates in the meantime.

To learn more about daba and join the waitlist, visit