Stackwell is on a mission to help students to build wealth.

According to a press release shared with AfroTech, the digital investment platform will work closely with Hampton University with an aim to “eliminate the racial wealth gap” through the school’s Financial Education and Professional Development program. Through the program, the university’s freshman class will be provided free financial investment education and funded investment accounts.


Hampton University will be putting $25,000 toward Stackwell investment accounts for students of the 2026 class.

Eligible students can sign up for their investment accounts beginning on Dec. 19, 2022.

“This new program is a key component to delivering the #1 student experience in America,” said University President Darrell K. Williams, according to a press release. “Hampton University is committed to investing in the advancement of our students as future leaders and building generational wealth on a national scale. We are proud to partner with Stackwell to bring such a unique and important program to our campus.”

The program aims to aid future generations, as one of the purposes will be to close the racial wealth gap by jumpstarting investment habits sooner than later.

Stackwell will work to preserve student interest by engaging with them on campus to encourage wealth-building, and better savings habits, among others.

Together, Stackwell and Hampton University are hoping to cement long-term habits that will enrich the lives of students and start a domino effect within their communities.

“We are honored to launch this new program with Hampton University and support the entire Class of 2026 as they embark on the critical first steps of their long-term financial journey,” said Trevor Rozier-Byrd, Founder and CEO of Stackwell, according to a press release. “We share a vision and mission of investing in our community, and together, we have created a program that will have an outsize impact across the Black community. This program can set a new standard for financial wellness and wealth creation, and we look forward to extending its reach to benefit thousands of students for years to come.”

Hampton University and Stackwell will continue their efforts for the class of 2027 and onward and they are hopeful for additional corporate partners and benefactors who will strengthen their efforts.