Originally, Atlanta based entrepreneur Robert Hatcher set out to create “Facebook for music artists.” Instead, he built something that could be much more valuable to his community.

Hatcher, a musician himself, needed to find a way to collaborate with artists without actually being in the studio with them. He built SoundCollide, which acts as a virtual recording studio that allows people to collaborate in real time.

“Connecting artists together was a huge problem,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher wants SoundCollide to give artists more control over how they create without being restricted by location.

“When you feel like you can actually help people (you know what I’m saying) like something is very efficient–in a very efficient way. It’s not just like, ‘Oh I got this great idea,'” said Hatcher. “It really shifts as like, we can actually make a real impact.”

Soundcollide has won more than $20,000 in pitch competitions.