This year, the newly branded Snap Inc. released new versions of their Spectacles and a Snap Map to help you find your friends and events going on around the globe. But their most exciting announcement comes in the form of Yellow, the company’s startup accelerator that aims to uplift people with visions for what mobile storytelling can be.

Snap announced that each year they will choose individuals and teams to join their three-month program starting on September 10 where participants will have access to the tools needed to grow their businesses and put their ideas to work.

Both established and aspiring storytellers with big ideas should apply to the accelerator. A total of 10 applicants will be accepted in the first go-around of the accelerator.

The program will offer $150,000 for equity on “founder-friendly terms,” commercial support and partnerships, mentorship from industry veterans, networking events with other creatives and media luminaries and a creative office space in Venice, CA.

If you’re interested in applying for Snap Inc.’s Yellow accelerator, applications close on July 8. Find out more here.