When it comes to legendary singer-songwriters, few have had the impact of Smokey Robinson.

Born William Robinson Jr. in Detroit, Smokey started playing music in 1955, when he formed a band called The Five Chimes. After a few lineup changes — including the addition of Claudette Rogers (who would later become Smokey’s wife) — The Five Chimes eventually became known as The Miracles. Their harmonious performances eventually caught the attention of one Berry Gordy, who was just starting a label of his own that would, eventually, be called Motown Records.

And from that day forward, nothing was the same. From the recording of such classic tracks as “Ooo Baby Baby” and “Tears of a Clown,” to eventually becoming the Motown vice president, Smokey Robinson is nothing short of a living, breathing part of Black musical history. His unique talent has earned him a net worth (per Celebrity Net Worth) of $150 million, and he continues to be influential on a whole new generation of singer-songwriters.

Now, his children — and even his grandchildren — are continuing the grand musical legacy.

Let’s take a look at how Smokey Robinson continues his impact through his legacy.

Editorial note: The net worth listed in this piece is a speculative estimate drawn from a variety of online sources.

Berry Robinson

Photo Credit: Berry Robinson

According to The Independent, Berry Robinson — named after Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records — was a “miracle baby” for Smokey Robinson and his wife, Claudette Rogers Robinson (better known as “The First Lady of Motown”).

Berry keeps a very low profile and a private Instagram. But he does show up on his father’s feed from time to time.

Tamla Robinson

Photo Credit: Tamla Robinson

TamLa Robinson — so named after Motown’s original name — is Smokey Robinson’s only daughter. She frequently describes her father as her “best friend” in interviews, provides healthy eating tips, and promotes her father’s — and her mother’s — legacy on Instagram.

Trey Robinson

Little is known about Trey Robinson. His half-siblings don’t maintain a public relationship with him, according to HollywoodLife.

Lyric Ontiveros

Photo Credit: Lyric Ontiveros

Smokey’s granddaughter is Lyric Ontiveros, who is the daughter of Smokey’s daughter TamLa. In 2019, Lyric announced that she’d graduated from USC’s Thornton School of Music (It looks like she’s keeping the family tradition alive!).