Residents of metro Atlanta, GA, no longer have to pull up to a Slutty Vegan location to grab several items on its menu.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that Target stores in Metro Atlanta are selling the franchise’s vegan bacon, “Slutty Strips,” and “Slut Dust” seasoning. The popular products can be purchased at 12 stores, as of this writing.

Fans of Slutty Vegan are now able to have a taste of the restaurant in their everyday meals at home.

“They tried to make me a target, so we put ‘em in TARGET,” Slutty Vegan Founder and CEO Pinky Cole shared in her announcement via Instagram.

She added, “Breakfast will never be the same!”

In Cole’s aforementioned caption regarding being a “target,” she could be possibly alluding to Slutty Vegan being named in lawsuits.

During BLACK ENTERPRISE’s Disruptor Summit in June 2023, she shared that her multi-million dollar business has been “more of a target than we’ve ever been before.” 

“Imagine having 450 employees and making sure that you’re serving all of their needs,” Cole said during the sit-down discussion. “Some people going to slip through the cracks. We might not always get it right, but we do the best we can.”

While fighting through legal battles, Slutty Vegan has been coming in hot during Black Business Month. For the celebration of its fifth anniversary, it was announced that its 13th location will open on Spelman College’s campus, as previously shared by AFROTECH.

“Hey, y’all. It’s me again, Pinky Cole Hayes. And you know, we just had our five-year anniversary,” Cole said in the Instagram reel. “So right now, I’m on Spelman College’s campus, and it’s move-in day. And guess who else is moving in?”


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The location is set to open its doors during the fall semester at the Atlanta-based institution, making it the second location on a college campus since the opening of the store at Georgia Tech.