Tech conferences are great venues for professionals to expand their network and learn about new and emerging technologies, and for entrepreneurs and business owners to meet potential suppliers, distributors, and even sales leads. Though today’s tech conferences are primarily virtual, given the need for social distancing, there are some genuinely excellent ones coming up.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

One of the most influential technology conferences, CES is full of panels and workshops on the latest in consumer technology and exhibitions from some of the largest and influential tech firms. If you’re looking to learn what consumer tech looks like in 2021 and beyond, CES is the conference for you. Scheduled for January 12-14, 2021, conference organizers will notify you when registration opens if you fill out this form.

OPEX Week: Business Transformation Summit 2021

This conference is actually a hybrid event, with an in-person portion taking place July 19-23 in Orlando, Florida. However, on January 25-29, 2021, the virtual part of OPEX Week is free to all conference attendees who register and will feature influential tech and business leaders, providing insights on various technological innovations.

Deep Learning Summit

On January 28-29, 2021, Deep Learning Summit attendees will be treated to a deep dive into applied artificial intelligence as well as the ethical ramifications of AI. It’s relatively affordable, with Early Bird Passes costing $149 and Standard passes costing $199, but the robust agenda make this a must-attend for those working or interested in this space. You can register here now.


Data scientists and enthusiasts shouldn’t miss 2021’s ODSC East, which features dozens of training sessions and workshops, and hundreds of speakers, providing invaluable content on everything from predictive analytics to natural language processing. You can register here for the April 13-17 conference; two-day passes start at $499, while a full four-day pass and on-demand access will cost $1,499.

Internet of Things World

Want to learn more about how Internet-connected technologies are shaping today and tomorrow? Check out the Internet of Things (IoT) World conference on April 26-27, 2021, and learn how IoT is transforming business and everyday life. Prices and registration are not yet available, but you can click here to be notified when they are.

Ai4 2021

While this conference — covering all things AI and machine-learning-related — is free, it is open only to those at mid-size or large firms in technical or senior roles, excluding sales. Click here to apply for this conference, taking place on August 17-19, 2021. If you qualify, you’ll be treated to many workshops, networking opportunities, and speakers sure to enrich your knowledge and expertise in this space.