What seems like a woman’s downfall ended up being the answer to her financial dreams!

The U.S. Sun reports that after Jasmine McCall took a step to break the cycle when it came to money mismanagement within her family, she wound up with $100,000 in just five months (talk about a come up!). 

Like many Americans, bad credit caught up with McCall, but in her case, it was an adolescent mistake that cost her the ability to open up a checking account as she set out for college. As one of five children raised by a single mother, financial hardship couldn’t seem to escape the now 30-year-old who felt as if she always had to pay for her mother’s past mistakes when it came to money.

“At this point in my life, I’ve done really well for myself, but I will never forget the feeling of constantly being rejected because my mom had bad credit,” she said, according to the outlet.

An Unlikely Calling

McCall wanted to attack her financial shortcomings head-on. So, with a bad credit score in tow, she took matters into her own hands — writing letters to collection agencies after coming to the conclusion that she had racked up a handful of fees that she didn’t even necessarily owe.

With her score and transactions on the up and up, and meeting her goals on the daily, the dispute letters became a win for McCall not only because the credit bureaus removed the extra charges from her credit report, but they forgave all of her fees, in turn, causing her credit score to do the jump man, increasing by 100 points.

Resources For All

“For the first couple of years, I would just coach my friends on how to fix their credit scores,” said McCall, not realizing that she was just one move away from landing the side hustle she so desperately needed.

She continued: “Last summer, I was looking for a side hustle that could help pay for my son’s daycare expenses. My 9-to-5 job had just informed me that I would be taking a major pay cut, and I needed to boost my income before my maternity leave started. The answer was right in front of me.”

Without even realizing it, McCall had the keys to the streets. With so many people with similar stories, she soon realized just how resourceful her tips and letters had been for her family and friends.

Rather than continuing to help everyone on a case-by-case basis, McCall built out her very own digital package of credit repair services which included dispute letter templates for people to use to clear up and increase their own scores.

“I wanted them to be as intuitive and budget-friendly as possible,” she continued. “I hoped people would use them to advocate for themselves in what can be a confusing process.”

During her pregnancy, McCall had created a model straight from her bed that turned out to be very insightful to others and lucrative for her.

The Expansion

When her credit advice reached pinnacles of success that she didn’t even imagine was possible, McCall was inspired to do more. Therefore, she launched her very own YouTube channel where she breaks those guides down step-by-step, which was another hit that served her pockets well.

“I wanted to widely share my credit boosting tips, as opposed to solely working with clients one on one. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but there seemed to be an audience for the video,” McCall recounted, according to The U.S. Sun. “August of 2021 was the first time I made money from YouTube via ad revenue, a payout of $3,199, and those earnings have increased over time, up to $6,800 in one month.”

McCall brought in an average of $25,000 in digital products across the span of the four final months of last year bringing the total amount made to $100,000. One juvenile mistake turned out to be a learning lesson and a means toward a better financial future for Jasmine McCall.