While Shaquille O’Neal has accomplished a great deal in his life, he hasn’t scratched the surface of this sector.

In a recent interview with “Full Squad Gaming,” he showed interest in becoming a streamer. This followed after the hosts shared that xQc — a top Canadian streamer on Twitch — had reportedly signed a deal with competing platform Kick, which paid him $100 million for a two-year contract.

“They pay him… just to play video games?” Shaq said in disbelief.

When asked if streaming was an option to him, O’Neal gave the impression that he was all in.

“Imma have to look into that,” he said.

However, to no surprise the price would have to be right. After all, he has a net worth of $400 million, as AfroTech previously mentioned.

Although he didn’t disclose the value he would want to be paid to become a streamer, he did admit his asking price was “up there.”

O’Neal’s interest is valid as the streaming world has continued to gain traction and has proven to be a lucrative venture for some creators. Kai Cenat remains one to watch. He broke the all-time subscriber record on Twitch at just 21 years old.

As AfroTech previously reported, he earns $5 per month for every subscriber, and he also profits from the platforms revenue split, although he has not yet disclosed to what extent.

“When it comes to money stuff, I don’t like talking about it,” Cenat said during an interview with Speedy Morman on “360 With Speedy.” “But with Twitch it’s like, with a subscriber—with a sub—it’s originally, it’s 50/50. People in the Twitch space have different splits. I’m not gon’ say mine but people have different splits, and that’s how it is. A lot of the other money comes from ad watching and all that other stuff.”