Over the years, Shaquille O’Neal has reigned as one of the most successful basketball stars turned entrepreneurs.

As the business mogul has been consistently making moves, he found guidance along the way from one of the most well-known entrepreneurs.

A word of wisdom from Jeff Bezos has helped O’Neal in how he views investments, according to The Economic Times.

“If you invest in things, it’s going to change people’s lives, you will definitely get a nice return,” O’Neal relayed Bezos’ words during a tech conference in Vegas, per the outlet.

“Suppose you have faith in the product,” he continued. “Will it have an impact on people’s lives?”

An example of O’Neal transforming words into action is his involvement in Papa Johns. As previously reported by AfroTech, he committed to the brand to help enact a change for its consumers.

“For me, it was a great thing to do. And listen, Papa Johns is a good brand. The guy just messed up, but he had to pay for that,” he said on the Earn Your Leisure Network. “He sold it to us. So now that he sold it to us, I’m just gonna make sure it’s right slowly but surely. But a lot of people [said] ‘You sell out this and that.’ But one thing I would never do is sell my people out. Look, if he was still involved, I would never do that. But he out. My man own it and I own it now. So, we straight.”

O’Neal is not only inspired by Bezos but also wouldn’t be opposed to teaming up with the Amazon founder.

As AfroTech previously told you, he backed down from bidding for the Phoenix Suns after learning he would be competing with Bezos.

However, he’s open to them partnering.

“If he wants me on board, I would gladly like to talk to him,” O’Neal said in October of 2022. 

He continued: “But, as far as trying to own a whole team by myself, and go up against — let me tell you something, I’m scared of Big Man JB.”