Diddy has plans to revive R&B with a new business venture.

According to Rap-Up, the music mogul, born Sean Combs, has plans to launch a new record label that will be exclusive to R&B artists.

As he enters what he’s deemed his “love” era, the Bad Boy founder also announced that he’ll drop his first project in nearly six years, an album titled “Off The Grid.”

“I’m coming back into music, you know?” said the 51-year-old during an interview with Vanity Fair.

He’ll also return to his R&B roots.

“Yeah, [an] all R&B label, because I feel like R&B was abandoned and it’s a part of our African American culture,” he continued.


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In the past, Diddy has been criticized for his questionable Bad Boy contracts, but in this new era, he plans to do things differently.

“And I’m not signing any artists,” said Diddy. “Because if you know better, you do better. I’m doing 50-50 partnerships with pure transparency. That’s the thing. [The new label is so that] we can own the genre; we don’t own hip-hop right now. We have a chance to–and I’m going to make sure that–we own R&B.”

Diddy’s new album is set to be released on Sept. 24 and he says it’ll be a certified hit.

“I’m making a classic,” he shared via Twitter. The album will be his first release since the 2015 “MMM (Money Making Mitch)” mixtape.

The love era has already turned over a new leaf for the entertainer. 

“I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, I laugh the most, I smile the most, I breathe the most,” he continued. “I look at my life as I got a second chance. I’m on my second mountain.”

Diddy further explains his new outlook on life.

“I feel like God sent me, God, put on my heart, ‘what’s your purpose?’ I was looking at all these things, it’s preachers and just different people talking about purpose because I was like, man, purpose is something deep. Have I really found my purpose,” expressed Diddy. “I know I’m making money and I’m successful and I’m changing the game so-called, but is that my purpose? And then I really prayed on it and God told me, ‘Your purpose is to play a part in saving the Black race.'”

No further details on what the name of his new R&B label will be, but we’re willing to bet top dollars that it’ll be something centered around “love.”