Higher education can be a pathway to growth and success for so many — unfortunately, money is often the barrier between where students are and where they want to be. But Scholly, a platform that connects students to scholarship opportunities, is using technology to bridge that gap.

By registering at Scholly, students are able to access personalized tools to help them find tailored scholarship opportunities, turning the search process from months into minutes!. One of the latest features that the growing team developed is the Scholly Editor, a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology help students instantly proofread and edit scholarship essays, college admissions essays, and any other writing assignments. Using Scholly is like having a personal assistant focused on paying for college. With these tools, Scholly is looking to fix the current outdated process of scholarship apps — one that requires students to fill out long, tiresome forms and then fail to deliver relevant results. And they seek to deliver these results all within the form factor of mobile applications.

Scholly was founded by Christopher Gray, a young black college student at the time who worked hard to earn himself more than $1.3 million in scholarships. He came from a single-parent household with no internet at home and very limited access to computers overall, a situation that many students find themselves in. Although he was able to pay for all four years of college with the scholarships he hunted down for himself, he realized just how hard it was to do so and that the process was simply broken.

Gray took Scholly to Shark Tank in 2015, where he closed a deal with both Daymond John and Lori Greiner giving Scholly more attention than ever before. It even topped the Apple and Google app stores for more than three weeks.

Scholly also helps to make the search for scholarships more accessible for future generations and prioritizes providing opportunities to underserved students who deserve to be at these schools and pursuing their dreams — without the financial stresses that keep people away.

Thanks to Scholly’s impact, more than $100 million in scholarships have been awarded through their search platform that serves nearly 3 million users. With a team made up of over 75% people of color and black leadership at the executive level (i.e. Christopher as Co-Founder and CEO, and actor and activist Jesse Williams as Chief Brand Ambassador, etc.) Scholly is putting its best foot forward towards diversity and inclusivity.

Based in Los Angeles, the small but growing team is even looking to expand into the fintech space, a move that will help students save money on textbooks and through the student loan process in the future.

The platform is clearly dedicated to helping students find scholarship opportunities that were created for them. Money for school is out there, and Scholly is making it more accessible than ever. Is this a cause you’re passionate about? Check out careers at Scholly and join the hardworking and innovative team.


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