Savannah James is more than meets the eye. When she isn’t serving looks as a mother of three and the wife of basketball legend LeBron James, the Ohio native is all about her business.

According to The Cut, James’ first business venture was a juice shop in Miami, launched during her husband’s Miami Heat years. 

Her Entrepreneurial Work

Launched in December 2013, for nearly two years, The Juice Spot served Miami residents with healthy, cold-pressed juices in addition to fruit smoothies, per Bleacher Report. For Savannah, witnessing her husband talk about business within the sports industry inspired her to do the same.

“I would listen to him talk about his conversations with Warren Buffet or Jerry Jones,” she once told ESPN. “But I wanted to get into business too.”

Her Work As An Investor

Now, as her family’s success has ascended to greater heights, Savannah is still making power plays as a businesswoman. However, this time she has placed her funds behind businesses including her husband’s tequila company as an investor.


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“I’m invested in Lobos Tequila, a Web3 start-up called Lockerverse, and a natural deodorant company called NEZ,” she told journalist Sylvia Obell during her cover story with The Cut. 

And she says there is more where that comes from in terms of her plans for the future.

What Will She Do Next?

“Definitely have some passion projects I’m working on, one of which is with a partner, one of which is on my own,” Savannah said. “And I’m super excited about them. I think they’re going to be amazing. They’re going to be well received.”

While she didn’t say exactly what the forthcoming ventures were, Savannah did acknowledge that “it’s all of the things,” when asked if it is product-based, a medium or visual.

Previously, Savannah flexed her love for interior design work as the curator of her own furniture line, and in addition she has also established a mentorship program, Women of Our Future, to provide counseling and academic support to young local women in Akron, OH.

Per The Cosmopolitan, her line with American Signature included family-friendly furniture under the name Home Court.

Much like sports fans are constantly awaiting her husband’s next move, we’re excited to see what Savannah James cooks up next!