In this case, imitation is not flattery!

According to REVOLT, one of the members of the iconic Hip-Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, is not pleased with recent attempts to sell counterfeit merchandise promoting the group. 

RZA, whose real name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, claims that an e-commerce business that could potentially be operating from China, is behind the sales of products embedded with the Wu-Tang Clan logo. Additionally, he alleges that other companies are using the group’s trademarks to reel in fans looking for authentic memorabilia.

The Lawsuit

The emcee currently seeks $2 million for “each and every” use of Wu-Tang trademarks and aims to block any further sales of fake products.

He is also calling for e-commerce companies including AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay to ban all promotions of the merchandise that’s in question.

“Many defendants also deceive unknowing consumers by using the Wu-Tang Clan trademarks without authorization within the content, text, and/or meta tags of their e-commerce stores to attract various search engines crawling the internet looking for e-commerce stores relevant to consumer searches for Wu-Tang Clan products,” read the documents. “Other e-commerce stores operating under the Seller Aliases omit using the Wu-Tang Clan Trademarks in the item title to evade enforcement efforts while using strategic item titles and descriptions that will trigger their listings when consumers are searching for Wu-Tang Clan products.

Keeping The Wu-Tang Name On Lock

For RZA, being on the receiving end of lawsuits is nothing new. He has continuously taken legal action over any company, or person, using his name, music, or image for likeness or personal gain.

According to REVOLT, he sent a cease-and-desist to  The Game, for “Heartbreaker,” a song that he produced that ended up as a feature on a mixtape.