The CEO of Rolls-Royce has disclosed some interesting facts about his cars’ sales in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And according to Business Insider, it’s all about the money for him — and others.

“Quite a lot of people witnessed people in their community dying from Covid, that makes them think life can be short, and you’d better live now than postpone it to a later date,” Torsten Müller-Otvös said. “That also has helped [Rolls-Royce sales] quite massively.”

To wit, Rolls-Royce sold nearly 6,000 cars in 2021, a record for the luxury car manufacturer. The most popular model for purchase was the so-called “Ghost” model, which has been named in countless Hip-Hop songs and featured in numerous films and television shows.

And the car itself is not the only luxury item to see a spike in sales. According to the same report, sales of luxury items, in general, have spiked dramatically in the wake of the pandemic — and that number is only going to increase as time goes on.

“The crisis marks a turning point for luxury as we knew it,” the report said. “Luxury sales of items like cars, personal goods, fine wines, and high-end furniture exceeded 2019 levels in 2021.”

In other words, the rich are getting richer.

Rolls-Royce Isn't The Only Luxury Brand That Saw A Sales Spike

Rolls-Royce is far from the only car company that has seen a spike in sales in the wake of rising COVID-19 infections. A new report from Automotive News revealed that luxury cars, in general, saw a spike in sales during the pandemic. Mercedes-Benz and BMW were just two of the many luxury cars whose sales hit an all-time high. What makes this statistic even more impressive is that these sales — some of which spiked to more than a half-million dollars each — came in the wake of global shortages, including shortages of computer chips.