Back in September 2021, AfroTech sat down with none other than Rick Ross, and we learned some pretty important lessons.

But one of the things that consistently stood out was his comment that he “didn’t understand math.”

“I was a jackass,” Rick Ross told us at the time. “Without a doubt, I was a comedian, I had a good sense of humor. I was the funny dude and all that. And I don’t think it was just because I naturally wanted to be, but [because] I didn’t know the answers to the questions and all the stuff [the teachers were] writing on the wall.”

He then went on to explain that though he still doesn’t understand multiplication to this day, he knows enough to surround himself with a team to make up where he falls short.

“I may be the head of this empire, but all of these people make up the backbone,” he said. “A backbone consists of many vertebrae, and if just one of them is out of alignment, the whole body suffers.”

In other words, it’s important to always have the right people around you, to do what you cannot do, and keep your empire running as smoothly as possible.

Another thing that Rick Ross tells us to remember is that it’s important, as a boss, to hold yourself accountable.

“When you were a mixtape artist, there were things you could do and say to entertain the streets. It changes [once you get a larger platform] and you have to take that into consideration. And the bigger you get, you have to remind yourself of the reason you’re here — to make incredible music and do it for incredible fans, incredible people,” he said. “Being a boss is about being in the driver’s seat of your life, regardless of whether you’re riding in a Bugatti or your momma’s Ford Focus.”

What is Rick Ross's net worth?

As AfroTech previously reported, Rick Ross has a net worth of $40 million. While, certainly, he made his fair share of money in the music industry, he is also starting to diversify his business efforts.

Together with JetDoc founder Tommy Duncan, he pledged $1 million to help Georgians in need during the pandemic. Prior to that, he partnered with JetDoc to provide healthcare to those in need.

He entered the crypto market by auctioning an automotive art NFT and gifted his son a WingStop franchise for his 16th birthday.

So, although he may not understand math completely, he certainly understands dollars and cents.