If you’re looking for a manual on access to capital for your business, AfroTech has you covered!

On the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money, host Will Lucas sat down with the Co-Founder and General Partner at Equal Ventures, Richard Kerby.

Kerby, who holds experience as an investor at Venrock, where he led seed-stage and Series A stage venture capital (VC) investments in 6Sennse, Amino Apps, Beckon, Burner, Luxe Valet and Salsify, first discussed the characteristics of a good VC and how to know if a gig is a fit for one’s personality and profile.

He also broke down what VC is truly all about and the mindset one must have to enter into the business.

“Venture Capital is about investing in and supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, and so that means that you’re finding companies that are hopefully diamonds in the rough,” said Kerby. “You’re also trying to figure out if that investment is a good fit for your investment profile, and then, you’re making the investment, and while you may or may not be taking the board seat, you are finding ways to be fully supportive of those companies.”

What this entails, Kerby explains, is recruiting, helping with fundraising strategy business development and even sales.

For Kerby, it’s also all about doing what you need to do to ensure the chances of success for the business that you’re investing in.

“On top of that, obviously if you’re running a fund, you have to fundraise for your fund and that’s another kind of back-office thing that we try and focus on as well,” Kerby continued.

For more from Richard Kerby on things that are at the core of Venture Capital like investing in early-stage entrepreneurs and startups, and how to know if a startup is a good fit for your investment profile, listen to the full Black Tech Green Money episode below: